Electrical Design

Electrical Design

GWP Electrical can start from scratch and design a completely bespoke electrical installation for any type of installation no matter how large or small. We offer a full design service for all our electrical installations including cable sizing, circuit distribution and lighting design.

All our designs meet current British Standards and Building Regulations and are completely in house which means that the customer does not need to pay expensive consultancy fees. GWP Electrical are more than happy to sit down with the client and talk through their needs and offer the best solution and value for money.

GWP Electrical are experts in lighting design and specialise in providing the ambiance and mood that good lighting design can achieve. We can design for offices, retail, display, floodlighting, amenity and emergency lighting and ensure that compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations is achieved.

GWP Electrical use industry standard software and can provide photometric calculations, 3D modeling and lux levels of lighting arrangements before they are installed. This avoids costly mistakes and allows the client to pick and choose a suitable scheme.

GWP Electrical build in energy saving engineering with our designs, ensuring that you save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. We are good at tackling energy reduction on lighting, motors and heating, with results that will pay for themselves.

“At every step of the process GWP were in control and the brief was met on time and on budget. Couldn’t recommend them enough” - P. Smith, Southampton University

“GWP were consummate professionals all throughout the project. They proved to be knowledgeable, professional and reliable, I would highly recommend” - P. Gower, BP

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